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Island Koločep

The island Kolocep is only 20 minutes by ferry from the Dubrovnik's port Gruz. It is a part of Elaphyte archipelago and like others Lopud and Sipan chosen by the many families of The Dubrovnik Republic aristocracy for their summer manors. Some of these manors stand there today unfaded in full beauty reflecting a rich history of the islands and their owners. Kolocep is covered by pine woods and other mediterranean vegetation. It has two settlements Donje Celo and Gornje Celo in the oposite part of the island. Kolocep most prosperous period was 15th century when the most of churches and manors were built. Between 14th an 18th century islanders were famous as a coral divers, but today the main activity is tourism. The island is free of vehicle and visitors enjoy in a natural beaty, sandy beaches, sport activities, and in dalmatian food as well.



  • Two villages, Donje Celo and Gornje Celo , about 150 inhabitants. Both are situated in their respective coves with a winding 3 km walkway in between. Island is car free but many paths and walkways crisscross the island.
  • Surface 2,5 km2 , covered with mediterranean vegetation, pines and olive trees.
  • Climate is of a moderate Mediterranean type, with hot summers and mild winters.
  • Sand and pebble beaches
  • Parish church, The Assumption of Mary (XIII century) is located in Donje Celo. The church of St. Anthony (XV century), lies on the way towards Gornje Celo. The pre-Romanesque church of St. Anthony of Padova (XII century), is found in Gornje Celo
  • Koločep is localy called Kalamota probably from its ancient greek name (kalos niktos = beautiful nights).